about us

Expert at painting on the exterior of a house


We specialize in painting the exterior of houses and apartments since our establishmet 46 years ago. We have painted over 800 buildings including a variety of famous people's homes such as the member of Japanese imperial family, actors, singers.
We are very open-minded and can accommodate any personal style.


About our company's name

"Felice" means "happiness" or "good luck" or "consideration" in Italian.
Since1967 we have had a 98.7% repeat customer clients and have expanded our business into parts of the Kanto area such as Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama.


The reason for receiving orders by ourselves


If you need any additional construction, you will not have to pay the usual double charge from most companies if you order from us because we do not charge an extra fee for sub-contracting.
We handle everything ourself-that's why we can offer a very competitive price.


Virtual home viewing


You can also use our color simulation service to choose the color you want on your house wall and roof before .
Color simulation service is a service that you can simulate your house-color on the screen we prepare. All you need to do is to tell us any colors you want to try.





our service

Exterior Paintings


We handle everything ourself : from business discussion to construction.
We are consisted of only four members.
You don't have to meet anyone else.
We don't only paint but also various kinds of additional repair such as a broken window or door, and a leak in the roof.
We can also waterproof veranda.



Painting Range



front door
terrace, veranda
storm door, shutter box



Service Area


We cover these areas:
parts of the Kanto area, such as Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama.




plan and price
Menu Simple Plan Irodori Plan Flower Plan Eco Plan
Setting up scaffold
Washing house wall & roof
Virtual home viewing OP
Painting roof OP
Cauking crack OP OP OP OP
Painting front door OP OP OP OP
Painting storm door & shutter OP OP OP OP
Waterptight veranda OP OP OP OP
Thermal barrier coating OP OP OP OP
Intended house type 4LDK 2storeys 4LDK 2storeys 4LDK 2storeys 5LDK 2storeys
Kind of paint used on walls Silicon Fine Silicon Sealler UV Hana-Collection Kiru-Coat
Kind of paint used on roofs - Silicon Color Best Thermo Eye Kiru-Coat
Term of a guarantee 10 years 10 years 10 years 15 years
Price (tax-included) 448,000 yen 698,000 yen 798,000 yen 1,098,000 yen


OP=option premium



A shop name

Staff Director : Koichiro Nozaki
Leader : Takamitsu Nozaki
Planner : Shinichi Domoto
Address 1-14-8, Nishi-Ikuta, Tama-ku, Kawasaki-city
Kanagawa 214-0037 Japan
History Operational started in 1966 as Toyo Toso.
Changed shop name from Toyo Toso to Felice516 in 2000.
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For corporate information or questions about our services

Email : info@felice516.com